Bucket List

1 Have a two story closet
2 Live in a BIG house
3 Make some wonderful clothes all by my self
4 Run every day for a month at 6:00
5 Stay in touch with friends
6 Go to paris france
7 Go to Canada
8 Go to New York City
9 Go to NY Fashion Week!!

10 Have two dogs (named Studmuffin and Cupcake)  
11 Go to Europe on a trip, just because
12 Never cut my hair too short
13 Make sure to say "I love you" everyday
14 Always love gummy worms
15 Never eat Fish 
16 Never stop Loving Vintage
17 Eat a spaghetti taco
18 Have spaghetti tacos at my wedding 
19 Learn how to speak some French

20 Do yoga regularly
21 Write a book
22 Create a patent 
23 Ride on an airplane
24 Go to japan
25 Sky dive
26 Be a good parent
27 Get bangs
28 Dye my hair 
29 Sew my own dress

30 Master the fishtail braid
31 Jump off a rope swing
32 Build the endurance to run more than 1 consecutive mile!
33 Paint often
34 Throw a surprise party
35 Go on a road trip (with out my mom..... or my dad....or my sister..)
36 Have my own design studio
37 Never stop playing outside
38 Get married
39 Make a home-made kite

40 To decorate my future home with lots of art
41 Become skilled at poker
42 Walk down a red carpet
43 To actually dance in the rain
44 Write a book that becomes a bestseller
45 Produce a television series about my life
46 Create a custom-designed dress
47 Take beautiful photography
48 Bathe in a waterfall
49 Write letters to friends I meet

50 have a refrigerator with two drawers
51 Hug a stranger 
52 Have 300 Followers on my blog
53 Love life
54 Move to a BIG city when I turn 19 or 20
55 Have a  closet just for shoes!

56 Audition for Juilliard (Summer)
57 audition for Juilliard (Collage) 
58 have the guy from the Bachelortte officiate my wedding 
59 Throw a drink in someone's face
60 Attend a masquerade ball

61 Go to prom
62 Have a pet Zebra
63 Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel
64 Play messy twister
65 Paint a rose red
66 Get kissed at midnight on new years eve