Tuesday, November 13, 2012

for some reason it wont let me give it a title.....
But any who.. I have a little somethin for you!... It's a surprise!!!
But first some picture's!! :)

 This one's just random...
 Found this in my planner the other day..
 My nails....
 I think there cute!!
 My toes.... There cute too!!
Best shopping trip at sam's club ever!!

Ok  now for the  surprise!!!
This is a video of an amazing dancer! (That I know!!!!)
Her name is Katie. She is so nice and sweet! 
She use to go to the Academie (Academie de la Danse it's the dance studio I go to)
She was always amazing but any who you should all watch the video. It's really good!!

Ok that'a all Enjoy your night!! <3

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Loofah DIY!!!

So, the diy for my loofah Halloween costume
Was a little weird so I thought I would try to make an easier one for you..
So here go's....

What you need:
1. 20 yards of netting (It's like tulle but it's not tulle..)
2. Ribbon 
3. Elastic (I used black..you will need enough to have 1 go around your waist and 1 go under your bust )
4. some kind of rope stuff

 So, I used 2 colors and got 10 yards of each.
and rolled it out. But do NOT unfold it)

 Then I folded it in half, And then in half again.
 Cut the ends. They should all be too layers thick..
You will need to fold each piece in half and then in half again..
 Then take a piece of ribbon and tie it in the middle..
So it looks like a really big bow!  

Then tie the ribbon on to your elastic
5 for the waist 3 for the top
Then you really need to fluff it out till it looks really big and puffy
Tie the rope stuff around your waist..
Go take a picture of your self at Bath and Body Works 
by all the little loofahs and your good!! :)

There you go that was the best I could do..
Enjoy!! <3