Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hair-how-2, Hair bow!

This is my favorite hair do!! 
So I hope you like it 
( My mommy thinks it's kinda weird but I still like it)
So here it is.......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ok so I was bored and I had a wabcam and I needed a resson to use picnik 
so I made a few "Hair-how-2's" I hope you Enjoy them! 
I'm not really the best with words so sorry but I did my bestest.
If you like I can post more? (I have more) This one is just something simple and easy.
Well Enjoy and let me know how you do! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shopping Trip!

Hi, So the other day (Friday and Saturday) we went shopping! 
 It was mostly for my Sister Cassie she is going to be 
opening a cupcakerie so she needed to buy stuff.
But we were shopping so I got some stuff tooo!! :)

 This skirt from wetseal. $10
 This belt from Target. $6
Some felt. $1
Some tulle (Future tutu for valentines day)
Minnie mouse clip ears $6.50
ear muffs $3 from rue 21
And look a store with my name! (It's even spelled the same..)
I got some boot's from Old Navy and another Zebra cup!

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Riley's cute little hair-do,

I did Riley's hair the other day. 
She had a play date.
I curled it all up and put it in a cute little braid!

                                 I did her hair again today you can see it Here


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things to wear this year.

 some times when I go out.
I see people wearing these......Clothes...Some very interesting clothes. 
so here is a list of things people should wear this year.

Pinned Image
 This is so cute! I would wear this
Pinned Image
 Polka dot skirts are so cute! I wish I had one..
Pinned Image
Skirts with pockets are wonderful..
Pinned Image
 This is adorable!
Pinned Image
 Tulle skirts are amazing! And look cute with almost everything.
Pinned Image
I just really love this outfit!
Pinned Image
 Vintage shirts are lovely!
Pinned Image
colorful skirts are so cute!
Pinned Image
 This one's my favorite! I love skirts like this.
I would probably wear them every day if I had them.

So this is just some pictures to help you out.
So try to dress nice this year!
And not like the people that you see at wallmart..

Pictures from Pinterest

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Pinterest Love,

Pinned Image
 I love these!

 I want these. Here

This is sweet. Here

I really need this dress!! Here

Want this shirt. Here 

Here's is some shoes Love!!

I hope to someday have all of these....That would be great!!
You can see more shoes here!


Spaghetti Taco's! :)

My sister made me Spaghetti Taco's!!
She must love me or something.

They were good! :)
We should have Spaghetti Taco's all the time..

 Look at this cutie!!
 My new shirt.
 My bunny cookie dough.
And look at this Bed Head for your dog?
Amazing!! It's at Target.
If I ever get a dog I'm getting this stuff.