Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!!.. Or not..

Well First...

 So me I'm not looking forward to this new and lovely year...
I mean this year hasn't been that great for me.. There's been a lot of drama, I got broke up with in a text, I didn't get the part I wanted In the Christmas show... But there's been a lot of good times too! Like all the fun I have had with all the dance girl! The wonderful text conversation from summer.. Umm.. All the shoes I got this year!! The new friends I got! Taking some classes at Lincoln. Getting my drivers license! All the laughs I've had.. Getting some blonde in my hair.. I guess I'm just really scared about all the things to come.. Auditioning for Juilliard (summer intensive) fingering out what I want to do with my life.. Finishing school..I'm not looking forward to all the decisions and choices... I'll say it I'm scared! So what's my New Years revolution?? Trying not to worry so much about the things I do or the things people say to me.. Just letting go and not worrying so much. So there is a lot of stuff I want to do next year (like keeping my blog on track..) 
 My chalked hair! (Kinda random..)
 well I think that's all I have to say and I'm almost out of time.. So enjoy your New Years!

My Christmas Post (Before new years...)

So this post will hopefully get me back on track! 
Everyone else is posting about new years eve.. And here I am with y Christmas post...
Ohh well I will post about new years at midnight! 

So my Christmas was fantastic!!
On Christmas eve we went to my Grandmas house (Like we do every year) first we went to her church. Then we went to her house to open presents and get food and stuff..
Some of the goodies I got from my Grandma!
 How I wrap my Christmas presents!!!
Then on Christmas!!
 I got an iPad!!!
 Hahaha I love her (It's wraping paper)
 Me and Ry
Ohhh I got this cake thing tooo!!
And now for the other stuff I have done.. I made these cool Mustache hair pins!!
So yesterday.. 
I went sledding..Kinda.. It was fun!
Then after I had a really really good sandwich!!
And then I got to see Monsters inc in 3D with one of my favorite people!! (I love that movie!)
Then I chalked my hair a little for new years eve!!!
It was a great day!!!!
 Ohhh before Christmas I was kitty sitting!
They were pretty good kitties..
 It was for my dance teacher.. So I left her some goodies because she came home on Christmas eve
 Ok I think that's all
Enjoy your new years eve!! <3

Friday, December 28, 2012

My trip to Florida

 So before Christmas we went to Florida..
I have been there lots of times but this was the first time I had ever been on an airplane..
I really really did not like it..
Here's some pictures

This was probably the happiest moment of my life!!
I'm pretty sure I was happier then all the little girls there...

So when we were at Disney me and my sister Cassie we got lost like really lost and it was at night so everything looks different.. So we were supposed to be finding our parents but instead we went on Pirates of the caribbean.. Then we got some egg rolls! If your ever in Disney just get lost and eat some egg rolls it was the most fun me and my sister had all day!
Here's a tip for if you are going to be going to sea world buy one of those cups with the 99c refiles as soon as you get there you will save money.. and dont get anything there that says Starbucks :P it's icky! and the strawberries with chocolate don't buy them either :P

Ok that's all for now Enjoy!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Dancers Christmas 2012!

So I'm very behind with my blog post... Oh darn..
my computer has been in negative mode and it's very hard to do stuff when it's like that but it's all fixed now so YAY!!!! 
So here are some pictures from the show!
 My sexy girls!

 I love these to girls!!
All the goodies I got from all the lovely girls that love me!!
The show was probably one of the best Christmas shows we have done.
I was in musical theater, Modern, And then I was also in snow from the nutcracker And I was some kind of fairy.. It was for flowers.. I have now been in flowers 5 times.. Yup I'm just that good! I had so much fun with all the girls back stage! And helping some of them with there hair :) This was my first dance show that I had a dance right after another dance! (14 years of dance and this was the first time.. Weird..)  And then right after that there was one dance and then snow witch was on pointe.. I felt like dieing but I still loved every minute of it!

Well that's all for now so Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A sad day :,(

So yesterday was a very sad day in Connecticut..
 I still can't understand how anyone could do that to those pour kids.
I mean you would have to have NO heart!

But this isn't about him.. It's about all the people that were hurt or lost someone..
I can't even imagine what its like for those families right now.
My niece Riley is 6 shes in the 1st grade. I go to her school to pick her up sometimes, 
And sometimes I drop her off.. She bugs me most of the time but I couldn't imagine losing her. I see all those kids at her school so cute and happy.. I can't even imagine what it would be like if something like that happend at there school.. 
How would anymore be able to deal with that. There just kids..
there was 27 victims.. 20 of them were kids.. I found a list of all the victims..

Charlotte Bacon, 6. Daniel Barden, 7.
Olivia Engel, 6. Josephine Gay, 7.
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6. Dylan Hockley, 6.
Madeleine F. Hsu, 6. Catherine V. Hubbard, 6.
Chase Kowalski, 7. Jesse Lewis, 6.
James Mattioli, 6. Grace McDonnell, 7.
Emilie Parker, 6. Jack Pinto, 6.
Noah Pozner, 6. Caroline Previdi, 6.
Jessica Rekos, 6. Avielle Richman, 6.
Benjamin Wheeler, 6. Allison N. Wyatt, 6.

Rachel Davino, 29. Dawn Hochsprung, 47.
Nancy Lanza, 52. Anne Marie Murphy, 52.
Victoria Soto, 27. Lauren Rousseau, 30. Mary Sherlach, 56.

So there's this text going around that says to wear blue on Monday in honor of the kids.
I also did my nails <3
 I didn't know what to do so I put hearts on them..
I don't know what else to say.. 
But at least there in heaven now..