Monday, October 31, 2011

Tutu's for Halloween...

These are the Tutu's
Mine and Riley'
I made these Tutu's for Halloween! 
They are so Cute me and Riley had so much fun!!

Maybe if I have time tomorrow I will show you how I made them..


Happy Halloween!! :)

Here is some more pictures from Halloween!
I went Trick or Treating with my Niece  Riley and my Nephew Nathan we had so much fun!!

I hope you all had a lovely and wonderful Halloween!!!

Halloween Photo's

So today I got up early to do Riley's hair for school. she looked so cute!!
Here's some pictures for  this morning.

And look at my new shoes!!
More pictures later or tomorrow 
Enjoy your Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ms. Fashionista

Ok so I know there's lots of blogs out there With a Ms.Fashionista. Now I know  I really like my clothes but I don't ever want to be a fashionista I just don't like it. Now there is a difference between me and them I'm not Controlling about clothes shoes ext, I don't go over the top with my clothes I like them Lovely and Wonderful. (I hope No one ever calls my one of them) And one thing i can never understand is that all the people that call them self a Fashionista All dress the same I hate it when people are all dresses almost exactly the same And all there pictures look the same I just don't understand why?
This is Jock
This is a picture of Jock. I was dog sitting him and Emily the other day. I love them!  :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

My halloween nails!!

Sally hands Halloween nails!!
Oh yes i love them! there kinda like nail stickers but better!

Again not the best pictures but i do love webcam.....


The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook :)

This is the Hair bow from  The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook I love LOVE love this one!
I took the pictures with my mommy's webcam sooo there not the best  But i did have fun taking them! :)

And it matched my necklace.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love from YouTube! :)

I love this video!
Here's some people who go all out for Halloween!!

My dance bag.

This is my dance bag I am amazed at everything i have in there. I have a lot of stuff for dance...

 This is a picture of almost everything i have in my dance bag.
I have. (1. Ballet slippers  (2. Point shoes  (3. Socks  (5. Lots of hair stuff  (6. Two skirts (7. ipod  (8. Knee pads   (9. Legwarmers  (10. Armwarmers  (11. Box of lambs wool  (12. Toe pads  (13. Pink leotard (14. Water  (15. Hairspray  (16. Deodorant  (17. Body mist  (18. Lotion  (19. Scissors ( 20. Nail clippers and file   (21. Lip balm   (22. Little mirror  (23. Wallet   (24. Exercise band thing   (25. Pink yoga pants :)  (26. Some more dance pants. And i think that's about it

Does everyone have this much stuff in there dance bag?

I got my Bag at  All About Dance   I get lots of my dance stuff from all about dance there great!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 So this is Nathan one of my nephews.

 He was sitting on my bed doing his hair......With my curling iron...

Isn't he cute!! I'm just so proud that he likes to do his hair.


Monday, October 24, 2011


I was having some fun on picnik. I love Picnik!! :) I was in Fancy Collage and i 
did some stuff just for funn...Like...

 I love this background.

This one is from my About me page i also did one for my Dance life, Hair products, And my Contact page. I use Picnik all the time i love it soo very Much..


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook......

(I think everyone needs it) and i was looking in it today right before i went baby sitting for the most wonderful girl and i really liked the Knots hair-do  i did it a little different then she did (my hair was uncooperative) but i really liked it! I also curled my hair. I love to curl my hair!


Friday, October 21, 2011

End of the world...

So today is supposed to be the end of the world (I really don't think so) So i did my Hair all wonderful and then i got bored so i went to take some pictures (Mostly because of my hair).

Shirt: Maurices, Jeans: Jcpenneys, Shoes: don't know, Necklaces: I made it!
Crown: I have to give it back its from dance and i'm going to miss it...