Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Hair Up-do and D.i.y

I was thinking about doing this to my hair for Christmas
What do you think?

 What You Need
Hair spray. (the good kind..)
Bobby pins. (lots)
Teasing comb. (Or any comb)
Glitter (optional)

 What To Do

1. Start with your hair curled ( I used my Remington curling wand) 
Then part it to the side you don't normally part it to. 

2. You pin your hair half-up to the side without the part
( if you like you can tease the back of your hair)

3. Then you pin it up so it's kinda like a ponytail but more spread out.  
Try to keep it to the side.

4. now take your hair and push it all up on you head and start pining it with your 
Bobby pins till it looks how you want and it feels like it wont fallout. 
 (if you would like you can leave a curl out like I did)

5. Spray with hairspray to get all the little frizzes down. 
if you need to you can put more bobby pins in. 
You can also put a little glitter in the back to make it sparkle!!

Then your done!


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