Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things to wear this year.

 some times when I go out.
I see people wearing these......Clothes...Some very interesting clothes. 
so here is a list of things people should wear this year.

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 This is so cute! I would wear this
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 Polka dot skirts are so cute! I wish I had one..
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Skirts with pockets are wonderful..
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 This is adorable!
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 Tulle skirts are amazing! And look cute with almost everything.
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I just really love this outfit!
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 Vintage shirts are lovely!
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colorful skirts are so cute!
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 This one's my favorite! I love skirts like this.
I would probably wear them every day if I had them.

So this is just some pictures to help you out.
So try to dress nice this year!
And not like the people that you see at wallmart..

Pictures from Pinterest


  1. I love all these picks! I would definitely wear each and every one! That polka dot blouse is amazing!

    Hope you have a great weekend!



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