Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm sorry...

I'm very sorry that I have not posted so...
Here are some sweet little pictures just for you!

First I got to have my make-up done! It was so fun!!

I made my sister this lovely green tutu!! :D

It was my sweet little nephews Birthday he is 2 now! 
and as cute as ever!!

Look at my shoes and my Butterfly dress
 I went to one of the loveliest bridal showers ever today!

This is my other nephew isn't he a cutie! 

And I'm jealous that I can't have this license plate

Ok that's alll
Oh don't forget I'm having a Giveaway!! Here
Enjoy all my pictures!!!

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  1. Sweet pics., Felicia!

    BTW: Your new header is really cute. =D


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