Friday, April 20, 2012

Please help me!?!?

I would really love your help... Yes you! 
As you all know my sister makes cupcakes (really yummy and Pretty one's!)
But some people have been really mean to her so I wanted to do something to help her 
so I pinned some of her lovely cupcake pictures on Pinterest they are

Here, Here, Here, and Here,

If you could just go pin them and maybe say something nice and sweet 
about them that would be awesome!!! 
And I would love you for ever!

Or just go take a look at her Blog and leave a little love

Or like her Facebook page

It would be really nice if you did that for me 
And maybe if you could tell your friends to do the same
Please and thank you!!!!!


  1. Just commented on her blog!!! I'm sorry people have been mean to her... She's super talented with cupcakes;)

  2. That is so un-called for - from what I've seen of your sister's cupcakes, they are really cute. =)


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