Tuesday, November 13, 2012

for some reason it wont let me give it a title.....
But any who.. I have a little somethin for you!... It's a surprise!!!
But first some picture's!! :)

 This one's just random...
 Found this in my planner the other day..
 My nails....
 I think there cute!!
 My toes.... There cute too!!
Best shopping trip at sam's club ever!!

Ok  now for the  surprise!!!
This is a video of an amazing dancer! (That I know!!!!)
Her name is Katie. She is so nice and sweet! 
She use to go to the Academie (Academie de la Danse it's the dance studio I go to)
She was always amazing but any who you should all watch the video. It's really good!!

Ok that'a all Enjoy your night!! <3

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