Friday, November 18, 2011

Midnight showing of breaking dawn part 1

Yesterday  me and my sister went to the movies at 2:00 
so we could be first in line for breaking dawn!
We succeeded we were first in line but it was freezing it stared out at 
25 and by the end it was down to 19 but the nice people at the theater let us go inside at 10:45
me and my sister  got to go in like 20mins before everyone else 
 This is our shoes from when we first got there
she wouldn't let me take a picture of her so we
took a picture on our shoes 
 My feet were so cold! but look at my lovely 
pink converse shoes.
My mom was so nice she got me some
baked potato soup from pizza hut and she got my 
Sister some Chinese food and a peppermint mocha 
from McDonald.
Cassie  would not share the blanket with me i was  really cold.
I was so happy we didn't have to wait till 12:00 to go inside. 
The movie was awesome! i can't wait for part 2!!


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