Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glitter keys DIY!! :)

Who doesn't like a little sparkle?!

So I was on Pinterest!
and Got this idea...I did mine different then they did
So here's how I did mine 

things you need: 
Nail polish (what ever colors you want them to be) Top coat nail polish and glitter!

1. I wanted mine to be different colors so I applied one coat 
of the color nail polish I wanted my key to be. then you just shake on the glitter!

2. Wait for it to dry 

3. Repeat step one on the other side 
(I also did the same thing to the side of of my keys)
4. Seal one side with your top coat. Wait and hour or so then seal the other side
5. wait another hour before you do anything with it

If you don't want glitter you can just do the nail polish but put on two coats
Or if you just want glitter you can also use Elmers Glue instead of nail polish 
Or just use silver sparkle nail polish like I did!

And then your done!!
"The only task that took up time was waiting
 for one side to dry before painting the other side. "


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