Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Dance Recital 2012!! :)

So last weekend was my dance recital!! Yay! :)
It was a blast I did a lot of hair dos some for people I didn't even know..
And some of the girls I did there hair 3 time a show It's a good thing I was only in 2 dance's this year (the first and the last and I thought I would have nothing to do...)
I was so proud of the girls in the classes I helped with. They were amazing!!!
 The upper level 4 girls
 The level 5 girls
chillin backstage
 One of the level 4 girls took some pictures of my
 "Red Land" dance
 Taking picture's on stage
Some of the girls gave me flowers! 
I think they like me!! :)
 My lovely cake pops... I think my mom love's me!
 My other costume was pink zebra!
 with Blueish/blackish pointe shoes
And isn't she a cutie!!
I'm sad that it's over I feel like I could do it every day!!

Ok that's all 


  1. so pretty!!! dancing sounds like fun. I think I'm starting ballet in the fall!

    1. Thank you! And dancing is fun!! When I dance I get the most amazing feeling It's kinda like you can fly!!!


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