Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh My, My, My....

So last week end I went to my Grandmas house to see my cousins!
And well I was there I kinda well ran in to a cabinet that was on the wall..
Now I know I know I how does that happen?!
Well I'm kinda just Awesome that way...
When I was 8 I tripped and broke my arm 
and than again when I was 9.... 
And then again when I was 10..
Skills I know! :p
So this is what happened...
There was a spider I ran away didn't see the cabinet and hit it with my face! 
I don't really remember hitting the cabinet 
but I do remember sitting on the floor wondering WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!
My face the next day.
 My face today.. It's getting better!!
I just thought I would share!
That's all..

Enjoy your day!! :)


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