Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hi, (:3)

Ok well first if to tip your head to the left this (:3) looks like a guy with a mustache!!
Ok so I haven't really felt like posting and then I feel sad cause I didn't post anything...
So here is everything that had happend!!

 Well I got this pretty dress for $5 awesome I know!
I have no idea what to wear it for.. but still awesome!!
 Hallie let me do her hair..YAY!! :)
I love braids so much like you have no idea..
 When I was driving I got a flat tire...
Then a few days latter I locked my key's in the car...
 Riley started school!
 I got a lot of curlers..
I have  238 curlers... Well that's just whats in the picture..
I burned my nose the other day when I was curling my hair..
 My hair looked great but you no my nose hurt alot..
But yeah nothing really exciting has happend..
Oh I went to the football game yesterday with my boyfriend we won YAY!!!
Were pretty awesome here in Wisconsin!! :)

But anyways...
I have been on pinterest a lot there is super amazing stuff on there go take a look HERE is my page
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Ok that's all Enjoy!
Have a super duper day!! (:3)

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