Friday, October 25, 2013


Fall is definitely my favorite time of year!
Wit hall the pretty colors, getting to wear my fall coats, and of course Halloween!
I love Halloween! I never do anything.... 
but I still love getting dressed up, getting stuff, and watching scary movies!
 Oh and carving pumpkins!!
Last year for Halloween I was a Loofah, ( D.I.Y here
This year I'm going to be Hipster Ariel! I haven't finished my costume yet... 
But I did finish my nephews costume!
He's going to be a kissing booth!! 
Here's the top of my costume.
And here's a few more picture's from fall so far!
I plan to have my hair something like this for Halloween,
Salted Carmel mmmmmm!!
Look my little pumpkin!!
These are soooo good!!
I'm a kitty!
My new light!

I love Halloween!!! 
I also have a few other good D.I.Y's for fall, 


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