Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BIG News!!

Ok so first 
It's Punky! From  Punky Brewster!!! 
Love that show...
But that's not my BIG news

So I went to the DMV to take my road test 
I was wearing pink! Pink nails, Pink on my shirt,
Pink shoes, And hey I even have pink in my hair! <3
 So I waited.... Till it was my turn to go driving 
The guy taking my test was really nice!
Then when I got back he told me all the stuff I 
need to work on and..... then....He told me...
I PASSED!!!!!!
I even did a good job on my Y-turn! :)
 Then I got this ticket and I had to wait to get 
my picture taken....There was alot of waitting.....
 Then I got my Driver License!!
 My sister made me this cupcake It was a 
very BIG cupcake...
Well that's my BIG new's 

Have a nice night! 
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Ok that's all Enjoy!! :)


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