Monday, February 6, 2012

My Lovely Life (well maybe just part of it..)

Hi, sooo here is some pictures for my week-end.
I told you I would post some pictures!
I will be trying to post everyday....But I just don't think it will happen. But I will try!
But anyways here's my lovely Pictures!!!

The first picture is my profile picture on facebook right now!
next is a picture of one of my favorite shirts.
Next my new slippers! ( I have another pair that are white I got them for Christmas I love them!!)
Next my lovely hair for dance! Do you like it?

And now..
Pictures from my Sisters Cupcakery! 
 I hope you are all having a wonderful week 


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  1. We love cupcakes and so this is amazzzzing! So pretty!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!



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