Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hey You.

So.. I'm kinda of a bad blogger I know....
But anyways...
I love to post picture of things that have happend so..
So we went to a family wedding and I have pictures!!!! (YAY!!!!)

 I got my mommy to make s weird face with me (TEHEHE!)
 Being really bored..and loving my hair! (And my earrings..)
 Helping my sister with her cupcakes.
 Random picture.. there has to be at lest one.
 After the wedding.. It was really windy.
 We are so cute!!

 My sister being all awesome making cupcakes pretty!!
 I mean really look at them.. You all should go like her on "Facebook" page and you should go look at her "Blog" ... She is very good at what she does!
They are cutting the amazing and very pretty cake!!
P.s those last to picture I took from my sister... Don't tell her ok?!

Now for a random picture from Pinterest..
 Now I love my name... But I want a keychain..

And this is my cute $5 dress and I had a flow clip that was the same color OMG!!
P.s I didn't go anywhere in this out fit... I just like to play dress up in my room when I get bored..

Ok that's all I have for you right now Enjoy!!! :)

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