Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 Guess who got all dressed up on the 29th and went to homecoming.. ME!
So this is how that day went got up early went to teach flowers (A dance for our Christmas show..) went home curled my hair all pretty.. And then went to the mall to have my make-up done!
It was really fun.. then I had some fries and finished my hair, got all pretty and waited for my date!
Then you no people took our picture and stuff..
(Oh btw we lost our homecoming game in the last 30sec it was tragic) 
Here are some of the pictures from homecoming..
 He can't open the box..
 Now thinking about it I think the flower go's on the other hand..
 I didn't really put it on him.. I didn't want to hurt him..
 I don't really like just standing there for pictures.. It feels weird..
 They had fun getting dressed..
They made use do this one..
 It's all about the socks!

So yeah it was a really fun day and stuff...
But now for the bad part of this post..

I am no longer his girlfriend.. He broke up with me.. In a text.. Sunday night.. I'm feeling really.. Well sad.. I didn't even really do my hair Yesterday.. I didn't even curl it today.. I have been on pinterest a lot though.. I'm sure I will be ok after some time.. but I do miss him a lot..

But anyways... yeah I hope you Enjoy your day :)
And sorry for not posting more.. I will try harder..


  1. Sorry about the news I hope u feel butter
    Your two favorite dance buddies :) :3:D


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