Sunday, September 25, 2011


 Who Loves Funnel Cake I LOVE FUNNEL CAKE!!! I didn't get any but i do love it! it is sooo Yummy and it smelled soo good!

 This is a picture of my wonderful wonderful shoes at Cranfest i love my shoes and i feel a need to take lots of pictures of them.  I think i take a picture of them every time i wear them. That's not weird or anything right??

 There was lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people i really don't like all these people they kept pushing me and standing right next to me. I did NOT like it....

 Sno Cones are yummy (I didn't get one of those ether...) Why is there no W in Sho Cones? just wondering?

And this is the most amazing Picture there wear more lots more and they wear all soo lovely......But it was $140 so i couldn't get it i was kinda sad but its ok! 

There was also Cheese curds!! (HEHE) they smelled amazingly and wonderfully Yummy!!!!

But we couldn't get to it there was lots of people....Enjoy!

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