Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me!! when i was little and didn't care about anything..except candy!!

So i have been thinking about some stuff that has happind and all that i have learned this year. 

I have lost a lot of Friends I lost almost all of my Best Friends and i realized that teenagers are really Really mean and that i give people way to much of my love and my trust. I hate knowing that people  i cared soo much for are now telling me that i'm replaceable or that there mad at me all because of something someone  told them that wasn't even the truth and that when i told them what happind they wouldn't believe me i find now that i don't think i will be able to trust people as easily as i did before.

I also  know that you don't need a lot of friends to be happy! but i really do miss having lots of people to hang out with but i don't miss people letting me down all time or saying bad things about me just so they seam better but its life everyone has those people but i do really hope to find some new friends. friends that won't let me down and that i can trust will anything and everything and that i can have fun with and be stupid with. 

I also now know that i really do miss my sister when she is gone for a long time. She will be in japan for two Months and i really do miss it when she would bug me. I really don't miss her making cupcakes when i was trying to sleep or when she comes in my room a lot.....but i do miss her and when she comes back i probably with wish she would go back but....

Things i learned about me! well......i really like doing Hair!! I only burn burn myself when i do my hair. I really want to learn how to make really really good clothes ( mostly for myself! ) and that I'm not that good with make-up i don't tan I'm so pale but I'm ok with it!! :) and  i trust way way to much.

But with everything that happend with my so called friends that  i want to be remembered and not for gotten and that I'm not replaceable and i want them to wish  they had been nicer to me! But most of all i want to be Happy and some day i hope to have a Happily ever after...

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