Friday, September 30, 2011

Hair Tutorial's to come!

So i have made this list of some hair-dos I do on a regular basis some of witch are:

1. braided up'do

2. Beach Wavy curls

3. Water fall Braid

4. loose curls

Some other things like:

1. How i use my Remington pink curling wand

2. How i flatten my hair

And lots lots more!!

I will be making some Video Tutorial's very soon  and like i said there will be much much more i cant wait!! but right now i cant use my computer soo i cant use my webcam and it is very hard to make a video Tutorial with out a webcam but i will think of something

Also i will be making some Picture Tutorial's on how to do Halloween nail's, Christmas nails, and some other Nail ideas i have! 

Enjoy!! :)

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