Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey, So I don't know if you know this but I'm home schooled..
Have been my whole life..
And since I'm a senior this year I thought I should try school to see what it's like and stuff..
And so today was my first day.. I was so scared.
 I'm only taking two classes which is good.
 My new pink shirt I got for school!
 My gold shoes that match the sparkles on my pink shirt!
 My bag, Nothing really special.. I got it at target for 7.80
 My folders.. So I guess stores don't like to have pretty folders..
So these are some old folders I had that had nothing on them and I got these pretty 
and sparkly sticker things and made them all cute!
Oh and my sharpie pens.
 The inside of my folders
  My note books, And pencils..
And yes one of my note books is sparkly!
and yes those are Academie de la Danse pencils!

And that's about it.. Oh it's only a three day week so that makes me a little happy :)
I haven't tried all the stuff in my VoxBox yet but the stuff I have I love!
So that's all for now Enjoy your day!! :)

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  1. So....ur everyday....stinks!!!Hahahaha;3


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