Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012!!

So I would say Halloween went pretty lovely for me!!
I don't know about you... But It was great for me!
I have some lovely picture's for you lovely's!

 My Loofah costume.. Look at all the little Loofahs
At Bath And Body Works!
 Me being weird after I did my hair and make-up..
 Me and my nephew being weird together!
 Me and some of my favorite dance girls!
My outfit that I wore to dance on Tuesday!
And that's about all.. I really didn't do that much...
Just went to the mall dressed like a Loofah
 and handed out candy to kids at my sisters cupcake shop..
Then came home and did my nails.. 
Had some gummy worm.. And watched Gremlins 2!
It was a good day I love Halloween!!!!.....And spray glitter...

But any who I hope you all had a great Halloween!
And got lots of candy!!
Bye Enjoy you night or day or what ever it is when you read this..
K bye! <3

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