Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soccer nails. and D.I.Y

So before my boyfriend broke up with me (for no good reason)
 I did my nails all cute and soccerie for him.. And they looked pretty cute! 
This is the D.I.Y I used HERE! 
that girl has a lot of great nail d.i.y's
I didn't have fancy nail brushes... So I just got some brushes from wal*mart..
That's probably why mine don't look as good... 
Oh well I thought they were pretty cute!

 These are the brushes I got.. they worked pretty well..
 I wish I had the nail ones though..
 And these are my nails! 
As you can see I'm not that good it was my first try doing something like this..
the W is for Wisconsin rapids and later I changed one to WR..
The 11 because his number is 11..
And then a soccer ball...

I was pretty happy with myself! :)
But yeah Enjoy your day..


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