Monday, December 31, 2012

My Christmas Post (Before new years...)

So this post will hopefully get me back on track! 
Everyone else is posting about new years eve.. And here I am with y Christmas post...
Ohh well I will post about new years at midnight! 

So my Christmas was fantastic!!
On Christmas eve we went to my Grandmas house (Like we do every year) first we went to her church. Then we went to her house to open presents and get food and stuff..
Some of the goodies I got from my Grandma!
 How I wrap my Christmas presents!!!
Then on Christmas!!
 I got an iPad!!!
 Hahaha I love her (It's wraping paper)
 Me and Ry
Ohhh I got this cake thing tooo!!
And now for the other stuff I have done.. I made these cool Mustache hair pins!!
So yesterday.. 
I went sledding..Kinda.. It was fun!
Then after I had a really really good sandwich!!
And then I got to see Monsters inc in 3D with one of my favorite people!! (I love that movie!)
Then I chalked my hair a little for new years eve!!!
It was a great day!!!!
 Ohhh before Christmas I was kitty sitting!
They were pretty good kitties..
 It was for my dance teacher.. So I left her some goodies because she came home on Christmas eve
 Ok I think that's all
Enjoy your new years eve!! <3

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