Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!!.. Or not..

Well First...

 So me I'm not looking forward to this new and lovely year...
I mean this year hasn't been that great for me.. There's been a lot of drama, I got broke up with in a text, I didn't get the part I wanted In the Christmas show... But there's been a lot of good times too! Like all the fun I have had with all the dance girl! The wonderful text conversation from summer.. Umm.. All the shoes I got this year!! The new friends I got! Taking some classes at Lincoln. Getting my drivers license! All the laughs I've had.. Getting some blonde in my hair.. I guess I'm just really scared about all the things to come.. Auditioning for Juilliard (summer intensive) fingering out what I want to do with my life.. Finishing school..I'm not looking forward to all the decisions and choices... I'll say it I'm scared! So what's my New Years revolution?? Trying not to worry so much about the things I do or the things people say to me.. Just letting go and not worrying so much. So there is a lot of stuff I want to do next year (like keeping my blog on track..) 
 My chalked hair! (Kinda random..)
 well I think that's all I have to say and I'm almost out of time.. So enjoy your New Years!

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