Friday, December 28, 2012

My trip to Florida

 So before Christmas we went to Florida..
I have been there lots of times but this was the first time I had ever been on an airplane..
I really really did not like it..
Here's some pictures

This was probably the happiest moment of my life!!
I'm pretty sure I was happier then all the little girls there...

So when we were at Disney me and my sister Cassie we got lost like really lost and it was at night so everything looks different.. So we were supposed to be finding our parents but instead we went on Pirates of the caribbean.. Then we got some egg rolls! If your ever in Disney just get lost and eat some egg rolls it was the most fun me and my sister had all day!
Here's a tip for if you are going to be going to sea world buy one of those cups with the 99c refiles as soon as you get there you will save money.. and dont get anything there that says Starbucks :P it's icky! and the strawberries with chocolate don't buy them either :P

Ok that's all for now Enjoy!!

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