Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Dancers Christmas 2012!

So I'm very behind with my blog post... Oh darn..
my computer has been in negative mode and it's very hard to do stuff when it's like that but it's all fixed now so YAY!!!! 
So here are some pictures from the show!
 My sexy girls!

 I love these to girls!!
All the goodies I got from all the lovely girls that love me!!
The show was probably one of the best Christmas shows we have done.
I was in musical theater, Modern, And then I was also in snow from the nutcracker And I was some kind of fairy.. It was for flowers.. I have now been in flowers 5 times.. Yup I'm just that good! I had so much fun with all the girls back stage! And helping some of them with there hair :) This was my first dance show that I had a dance right after another dance! (14 years of dance and this was the first time.. Weird..)  And then right after that there was one dance and then snow witch was on pointe.. I felt like dieing but I still loved every minute of it!

Well that's all for now so Enjoy!!

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