Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shoes every Girl should Own Take three

Shoes Every Girl Should Own

The Third Pair Is....


 Converse!! I LOVE my converse sooooooooooo much

 I take them to the park

 Or to the fair..

I just love them and i think every girl (Or guy. Guys should wear them too!)  should have them! I wear mine in the snow, In the rain, To homecoming games when i got my drivers permit, Almost every time i go driving! to my dance recitals. I guess you could say me and my converse well were really close! :) 


So those are the three shoes every girl should have

High Heels, Boots, and Converse.


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  1. Love pink converse! Sadly I do not own my own pair. . . maybe one day.

  2. Such a lovely blog! I'm your new follower :)



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