Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ms. Fashionista

Ok so I know there's lots of blogs out there With a Ms.Fashionista. Now I know  I really like my clothes but I don't ever want to be a fashionista I just don't like it. Now there is a difference between me and them I'm not Controlling about clothes shoes ext, I don't go over the top with my clothes I like them Lovely and Wonderful. (I hope No one ever calls my one of them) And one thing i can never understand is that all the people that call them self a Fashionista All dress the same I hate it when people are all dresses almost exactly the same And all there pictures look the same I just don't understand why?
This is Jock
This is a picture of Jock. I was dog sitting him and Emily the other day. I love them!  :)


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