Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My dance bag.

This is my dance bag I am amazed at everything i have in there. I have a lot of stuff for dance...

 This is a picture of almost everything i have in my dance bag.
I have. (1. Ballet slippers  (2. Point shoes  (3. Socks  (5. Lots of hair stuff  (6. Two skirts (7. ipod  (8. Knee pads   (9. Legwarmers  (10. Armwarmers  (11. Box of lambs wool  (12. Toe pads  (13. Pink leotard (14. Water  (15. Hairspray  (16. Deodorant  (17. Body mist  (18. Lotion  (19. Scissors ( 20. Nail clippers and file   (21. Lip balm   (22. Little mirror  (23. Wallet   (24. Exercise band thing   (25. Pink yoga pants :)  (26. Some more dance pants. And i think that's about it

Does everyone have this much stuff in there dance bag?

I got my Bag at  All About Dance   I get lots of my dance stuff from all about dance there great!


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