Thursday, October 13, 2011

6. Random things about me.

1. If you didn't know i'm a dancer! I Love to dance in class, in the rain, in my room, on a stage, in Wall mart.......You know where most people like to dance. :)

2. I'm obsessed with doing my Hair! Really i really am. i LOVE doing my hair soooo much and i do love doing other peoples hair to. Its fun and easy i could spend Hour after hour after hour after hour after hour on my hair!

3. Clothes I love them!! My closet is filled with wonderful clothes and there's always room for more! :)

4. I love to watch The Fairly OddParents, Spongebob, and of course Rugrats!

5. Vintage is my thing.  Vintage Clothes, Shoes, Jewelry, and anything else. If its Vintage i love it. Oh  Bags i love vintage bags toooo!

6. I love to make things. Like clothes and bags i like to sew. It is so great to make something from nothing.

7.  this is kinda random but i have a Sunglass  holder. I think it's for Christmas ornaments....but it works great for holding all my Sunglasses!

And that's all for now 
 Enjoy Your Thursday!

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