Friday, October 7, 2011

Homecoming Game!!

Who loves Homecoming games? I do!!
I have never had so much fun at a Homecoming game before 
I don't know if you know but i live in Wisconsin Rapids  WI,
so it was Rapids VS. Spash  
and Drum roll please...

WE WON!!! :)
 i believe the score was 26 to 7 
Go rapids!!
I had so much fun with my friends and i met lots 
of other people! My camera would not work so i didn't get any pictures at the game :(
I did take one of me before i went but not a one at the 
game i was very sad
It's not that great of a picture i was trying to get one of my hair
And it was really sunny so i was squinting...
but here it is 

I wore a red sweater with my black and white Butterfly shirt (rapids colors are red and white) 
my pink converse for breast cancer awareness month 
and i curled my hair i just loved my hair!

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